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Meet Jenny Barker

Jenny Barker is a self-made entrepreneur and owner of the boutique flower business Magical Blooms in Redondo Beach, California. She started the business at 19 with $500 and a vague notion about how she was going to pay the next month’s rent.

Through a string of luck, bold business moves, and a few hard knocks, Magical Blooms grew to be one of the most successful flower businesses in the Beach Cities of LA. Jenny Barker has been running Magical Blooms for 25 years and is one of the most sought-after floral designers in the country.

Jenny became known as the Flower Doctor for her uncanny ability to understand and express the healing powers of flowers. Her clients come to her with life’s problems and she helps solve them with the right flowers. She uses her intuition fused with design skills to prescribe exactly the right flowers to bring ease to any situation.

Welcome to the Flower Doctor family.

Jenny's Story

“Grandpa let’s go outside and pick some flowers.”

At 3 years old, Jenny Barker knew there was a deep emotional connection between herself and nature. Her grandfather taught her to respect and honor nature and one of its most dramatic expressions of beauty, flowers. He believed that a room is just an empty space until the life essence of flowers brings it to life.

Throughout her childhood, Jenny always looked for an excuse to spend time outdoors, connecting with nature in deep and lasting ways. At the young age of 5, she decided her calling would be a lifelong journey with blossoms, her mission to master the language of flowers. Jenny vowed to always have flowers in her room as she grew up, developing her unique connection into a vision of nature’s finest art.

When she was 15, she pestered a local florist to give her a job, and soon enough she was managing the business. She built success through a conviction not just to satisfy her clients, but to work for their “wow.”

After graduating from high school, she enrolled in college to study Landscape Architecture. After only six months, she answered the entrepreneurial call to open her own floral business and even convinced the landlord of her apartment building to let her use a garage space to start her business. Soon she needed two spaces, then three. Then her landlord suggested she might need to find a different location.

She opened her first store front at age 21, then moved to her current location where she continues to run her thriving business, Magical Blooms, in her hometown of Redondo Beach, California.

Then destiny moved her from florist to celebrity.

In 2003 she was recruited to star in a series on TLC called “For Better or Worse,” an early reality show highlighting the tensions of wedding planning. Jenny provided the floral arrangements for 23 episodes, securing her place as a smart, high-energy media celebrity. This was followed by appearances on other programs such as “Merge” and “Live Like a Star.” Most recently, Jenny was a featured star on “Full Blooms" Season 2 in 2021, an extremely popular HBO show.

During this time her business took off. As her reputation flourished, she became known as the Flower Doctor for her uncanny ability to understand and express the healing powers of flowers. Her customers and clients think of her as a friend, helping to spread her brand through social media.

Her talent ranges from small, thoughtful arrangements to being the principal floral caterer for large gatherings, and the floral set designer for well-known television shows. Adjectives such as “stunning” and “unique” are common, and people have described her work as “museum quality.”

Vivacious, smart, trend-setting, and passionate only begin to describe Jenny. A youthful 41, she is constantly evolving, which only makes sense as nature itself is constantly changing. She thrives in her role as the emotional bridge between people and flowers. We would expect no less from The Flower Doctor.

Her flowers smile. So do her clients.

Meet The Team

We have a highly creative and skilled team of floral designers.

Michelle, Jenny Barker, and Nancy.

As Seen On

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