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Flower Care

Caring for your fresh flowers

Help your flowers continue to shine in all their glory with these simple steps. Enjoy their healing power for days and weeks to come. Follow these steps and enjoy what your flowers have to offer.

Care Instructions

Step 01

Carefully unbox and/or unwrap your flowers from their packaging if you receive flowers in a box. Be careful when handling to avoid any damage.

Step 02

If you receive flowers that are not already in water, use sharp, clean scissors to trim the bottom of each stem at an angle.

Step 03

If you receive flowers that are not already in a vase, select a clean vase that is the right size for your flowers. Fill the bottom of the vase with clean room temperature water. It's important to put your flowers in water immediately, before you design with them.

Step 04

Arrange the flowers in your vase, allowing each bloom to have enough space.

Step 05

The flowers have been traveling, so it's important that your container is full with water. Check the water level on your container after 24 hours as flowers drink significantly more in the first 24 hours.

Step 06

For long lasting flowers, empty all of the water out of the container and put all new fresh water in every other day. Avoid putting flowers in direct sunlight.

Step 07

Enjoy! Place your flowers in the environment in which you can enjoy them the most. Let the flowers improve your mood, increase your happiness, spread positivity, and soothe your mind.

Other Helpful Flower Care Tips

  • If these flowers were a gift, make sure you take a picture of your flowers in the spot where you place them. Be sure to thank the sender right away!
  • Sometimes, certain flowers last longer than others. This is how mother nature works. All your flowers are fresh to enjoy, but they don't all last the same amount of time.
  • If you have pets in your house, make sure you protect your flowers from being knocked over or eaten.
  • During colder months, if you have a heater on, this will impact the longevity of your flowers. Your flowers will not last as long with the heater on.

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