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The Empathy Box "The Flower Prescription"

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Do you struggle to fall asleep at night? Do you find it difficult to stay focused on the present moment? Perhaps you're always worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Mental health is super vital in today's society, and one way to improve it is by taking in the beauty of flowers. Flower therapy can be a great way to help you achieve your happiest self, and seasonal flowers can have a powerful effect on your mood. The aroma, textures, and vibrant colors can bring you to a state of emotional bliss. They also make a wonderful gift for a friend who may be going through a tough time, or a special treat for yourself.

The Flower Prescription: boronia, protea, delphinium, mint, artichoke, viburnum, genestra, and berzelia

Flowers arrive in our "Flower Prescription" box. Loose stems and grower bunches. No vase or containers included. These flowers are meant to have your recipient enjoy designing on their own with their favorite containers. Colors and flowers may vary to match the grower's weekly stem surprise.

Flowers will be transported in a 40" x 8" x 8" box.

We're so excited to be delivering flowers for you. However, in order for us to monitor the orders for overnight shipping, we request to place your order no later than 1:00 pm for an overnight arrival. If you order after 1:00 PM there's a possibility that our grower won't be able to process the order for same-day shipment.

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