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Healthy Choices

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Indulge in the calming colors of purple and blue, accompanied by the rejuvenating presence of greenery. Allow yourself to fully immerse in nature and experience its positive energy, bringing peace to your mind. This arrangement is perfect for promoting a healthy and balanced mental state.

California-grown: kale, lavender, alstroemeria, delphinium, dusty miller, flowering eriostemon, and fern.

Measures approximately 12" x 12"

Flowers are designed fresh right after the order is placed. We try our very best to mirror exactly what you see on our website for your order. Sometimes, substitutions are made due to our inventory. We try our very best to make the design as close as possible. If we have to substitute, usually our head designer will call to inform you. We take pictures of all our designs and we'll text message you the image for your satisfaction.

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