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The Surprise "The Flower Prescription"

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We don’t get that many surprises in life. Allow this box to surprise you and surrender to the unknown.  Sometimes life’s mysteries are worth it. We need surprises, to keep our creativity curious, and our ideas fresh.
Opening this box should bring excitement. Be open and willing to take a risk and not know what you are going to receive. Open the box and get excited.

Flowers arrive in our "Flower Prescription" box. Loose stems and grower bunches. No vase or containers included. These flowers are meant to have your recipient enjoy designing on their own with their favorite containers. Colors and flowers may vary to match the grower's weekly stem surprise.

Flowers will be transported in a 40" x 8" x 8" box.

We're so excited to be delivering flowers for you. However, in order for us to monitor the orders for overnight shipping, we request to place your order no later than 1:00 pm for an overnight arrival. If you order after 1:00 PM there's a possibility that our grower won't be able to process the order for same-day shipment.

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